Riki Muldjadi,Dr. M.Kes (PD), SpPD

Sebagai dokter di RS Santa Elisabeth berkarya bersama KSM Penyakit Dalam melayani pasien rawat jalan maupun rawat inap.


Riki Muldjadi,Dr. M.Ked (PD), SpPD

dokterBerkarya Sejak 01-03-2016

Tempat/Tangal Lahir :
Medan, 01 Sep 1979


Instansi :
RS. Santa Elisabeth Medan
Jadwal Praktek
Senin – Sabtu Pukul : 07.30-13.00 WIB
Sabtu Pukul : 17.00-19.00 WIB
Ruang : Poli Peny. Dalam 5
Telepon : 061-4144737 Ex. 171
1. Spesialis Penyakit Dalam, FK – USU
2. USG Advance FK – USU
3. ACLS (Advance Cardiac Life Support)
4. Diabetic And Insulin Course
5. Wound And Injury Care Of Diabetic Foot
6. Electro Cardio From Advance In Phycian
7. Stem Cell, Clinical Application, Begining to Advance   
8. Workshop And Course Stem Cell (UNAIR-SURABAYA)
Dr. Riki Said :

It’s not be a simple
it should be great, powerful and useful simplify the attitude in our life
health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition than on medicine

‘ treat by feeling not by coercion’